Results : Evening Dressage 15 May 2014

We ran the first of our Summer Evening Dressage Series competitions on Thursday 15 May 2014 at Classic Dressage.

This competition incorporated the Breakspear/OBH Riding Club Challenge.

We were blessed with lovely weather, and as it was early in the summer there were relatively few flies and midges!

John Salter kindly judged for us and Diane MacBean was his writer.

The tests used were Preliminary 4, Novice 28 and Elementary 42. Results were as follows.

Preliminary No. 4

Novice No. 28

Elementary No. 42

The points allocation is based on British Dressage Rules.

The Series points are shown on a separate table.

As can be seen the marking in the classes was close, but the Challenge was won by OBH with Scores of 74.3%, 72.9% and 70.0%. (Katie Naylor, Jill Luff and Antonia Thoday).

This series is being sponsored by Equilibrium Products who have kindly donated packs of Vitamunch which is a tasty Nutritious snack packed with vitamins, herbs and minerals which will provide 50% of the published daily requirement of these essential nutrients for the average sized horse. It is healthy, high fibre, low calorie, low sugar and cereal free. Each competitor received a 1kg pack.

In addition J & E Equine of High Street, Bovingdon provided prizes in the form of stock pins for the winning team, and are also supplying prizes for the series.

We are very grateful for the support of these sponsors.

The next date in the series is Thursday 12 June followed by the final evening on Thursday 17 July, there are plenty of points still to be won and we hope that both those riders who came to the May competition and others will enter the 2 future ones. Please send your entries as soon as possible. We have a top listed judge for June.