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London & South East Dressage to Music Championships 2014

Caroline Geary and Jaycourt undertook the long trip to Sands Farm, Warnham, nr Horsham on Sunday 19 October to take part in the London and South East Dressage to Music Championship. They had qualified at the Area 6 competition in the Novice Nil Points Section, but subsequent affiliated competition entries and success resulted in them having to transfer to the Novice with Points Section.

It is a long trip and as it was a lovely warm day Caroline was pleased she had recently clipped Jaycourt. She was undecided which routine to use (her new Blues Brothers music had led to scores of 2 at 69% but also 1 at 63%), so she stuck with her original Tom Jones compilation.

Jay behaved very well and was not at all spooky in spite of scary arena boards and flowers and they scored 68.88%, which put them in 4th place. The competition was won on 75% with 6th place earning 63.88%.

Considering Jay is now 20 years old, and as Caroline says ‘obviously not so smartly bred as some of the others’, she was very proud of him.

They have subsequently been placed in the Chiltern and Thames Rider Magazine Championships, both in the Novice and Novice Music classes and are qualified for the British Dressage Winter Regional Championships.

Currently both horse and rider are enjoying a rest!