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60 second interview - Judy Firmston Williams, Breakspear Vice Chairperson & List One Dressage Judge

Too many horses
Lives in Chipperfield with horses at home (except for one which is with Gareth Hughes)
Has ridden since a child but now just hacking and others compete her horses.

Tell us about your 1st horse
My first horse was a dappled grey Irish/arab 15.2 called Sabre - he used to cart me everywhere, I could never stop, but he did a bit of show jumping and cross country and was a good all rounder.

Tell about your current involvement with horses
Having finished last year being Chief Selector for BD Junior/Young Rider teams, I am now finding more time to dressage judge and concentrate on the training of my young horses. I have three dressage horses based at home (and one elsewhere) and numerous retired field ornaments.

Whom do your horses train with?
The horses train with Gareth Hughes and Ali Berman

Daisy Coakley
What is your best ever result?
Best results come from Cleopatra ii 6 year old warmblood mare who won at prelim at last years BD nationals and at Ele freestyle at this year's winter championships ridden by Daisy Coakley. Ali has also had numerous regional wins on various of my horses.

What are your plans for the future?
I am hoping that another of my horses Aramis will go abroad soon to compete at Small Tour - also hope the others stay sound and continue to progress - the youngest is about to test the water with the riding club at prelim level

Tell us what you get up to when you are not riding
When not watching the horses I am usually to be found poo picking