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60 second interview - Jane Emery, Breakspear Member

Jane Emery
2 horses, kept at Hill Farm, Radlett
Has been riding since 1990

What was your 1st memory of riding/horses?
When I was 5, I was allowed to ride round an urban farm on a pony called Baby. She sniffed a dead cat, spooked and I fell off into some blackberry bushes. It didn’t put me off and I got back on, but unfortunately soon after they built a housing estate on the farm and I didn’t get to ride again for 25 years apart from on holidays.

Tell us about your 1st horse?
I had started to have a few lessons with friends at Chorleywood Equestrian Centre, when I inherited £2000 from my horse loving Irish grandmother. On impulse (and unvetted!) I bought an 11 year old 15h1 TB/Welsh dark bay mare, called April. Fortunately she had the kindest nature. She hadn’t had much schooling but was very willing, so we learnt together. She is now 34 years old and has hardly any teeth but lives happily on porridge in her retirement.

Tell us about your current horse?
Another impulse buy, I’m afraid. I was looking for a well schooled 6 year old and fell in love at 1st sight with 3 year old Ruby, a 16h bright bay ISH, whom I bought from David Taylor. She did tick all my other boxes though. She has lovely calm temperament and loves to jump.

Who do you train with?
Chris Jensen has helped me tremendously in laying the foundations of good flatwork. For jumping I regularly train with Chris Haywood and Jonathan Chapman.

What are your plans for the future?
We have just started doing XC jumping this year and our goal is to do a small one day event this summer.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of a riding club?
I have made many many friends while taking part in riding club activities. I really enjoy being part of group activities. I have also learnt a great deal from watching others ride and listening to other members.