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60 Second Interview - Rebecca Pocock, Breakspear Minute Secretary

Who are your current horses?

I own three horses, 'Gem’ who I got as a three year old and she is now 9 and she competed on all the Pony Club teams. The second is ‘Jasmine’ 7 years old she was brought to event but had some injuries as a young horse when I brought her at 4 so she is now doing Elementary Dressage. ‘Elsa’ who I got as a bargain as her owner could no longer find the money to look after her. She was three when I brought her and is now 4 and is keen to do a bit of everything!

How long have you been riding?

I have been riding all my life since I was about 5 when I started going for lessons at a local riding school as my parents were not horsey then.

Tell us about your 1st pony

My first pony that I brought was Gem. I brought her unbroken wild out of a field and after turning her out I then realised I couldn’t catch her for several days which proved to be our first challenge. Before Gem I loaned a pony called Michelle she was about 13.3hh and was amazing we did loads together and she taught me how to ride as if you did something wrong you would soon be on the floor!!

Tell us about one of your current rides

Jasmine is a 16.2hh bay thoroughbred mare. She was bred to race but never made it to the race track. I brought her unbroken as a just 4 year old, and have produced her myself. I currently compete at BD Elementary although she is training up to Medium level at home. She no longer jumps as she sustained some injuries when I first got her so we just stick to the flatwork now. She has been brilliant and I have loved the challenge of bringing her on. Each and every achievement has been hugely satisfying knowing it’s all your own hard work. 

Whom do you train with?

I train with Stacey Muson, and Andrew Gould (Flat). I also have had help from local training Lawrence Bardoo, and Kylie Roddy played a huge part in helping me with Jasmine's rehab and she wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for all her help and support.

What is your best achievement?

There has to be a few that springs to mind but the main one is qualifying for the Hickstead Masters League. Jasmine has also qualified for BD Regionals at Prelim and Novice, and we are working towards Elementary, plus qualifying for the Riding Club London & South East Championships 2015.

Who is your role model?

I think it has to be Charlotte Dujardin currently but I am also a great fan of Mary King and I think she is amazing!

What do you get up to when not riding?

Well work sadly! It pays for the horse. If I’m not at work or around the horses I am normally relaxing or asleep!!