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60 Second Interview - Angela Coakley, Breakspear member and Dressage rider

Angela Coakley
I live in the village of Sarratt in Hetfordshire. Currently  I own six horses,  four are at home and two are with  friends on loan. I have been riding horses all my life, so more years than 40!  jeepers!!
What was your 1st experience of riding?
My first experience was age 4 in a pair of red wellies (not at all PC!) at the local riding stables, much to my mother's dismay, she was not overly enamoured with equines. Dutifully she sat each Sunday in her car and watched me trot round in all weathers with a big smile on my face.

Tell us about your 1st pony?
My first pony arrived aged 11, I had been hard at work brain washing parents for years by then. I was given a 3 year old un-broken thoroughbred/ new forest pony, she was 14:2hh and a chestnut mare called Liza. Of course I was over the moon. Immediately set about reading all I could on how to succesfully break in a horse. I have very fond memories of that little horse. I have never had a period in my life since then without a horse!.

Tell us about your current ride?
One of my horses who I spend the most time riding and schooling is Hero. He is a 16:3 dark bay gelding out of Nigrazine. An Irish sport horse. I bought him as a four year old and have had the most fun training him for dressage. The first day I put him in the field he just jumped clean over the fence and cantered up the road to the village.... I told the children he wanted to phone home. The next day he jumped out again, and now my fences look like I keep dinosaurs.!!

What is your best result?
The most memorable success we have had to date would be winning the BRC Dressage Championships at The Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2011. Hero is now training at Medium level and I hope we will go on further.

Tell about your current involvement with the sport
I am on the Pony club committee locally and after years in the post of Dressage manager , I decided to carry that on and develop as a BD Judge. Hopefully judging at BE too.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of a riding club?
Being in Breakspear Riding Club is really worthwhile. I particularly enjoy the Dressage competitions. However the get togethers and a good chat with others who love to talk horse is always great too.

Who is your equestrian role model?
That is hard as I respect so many top riders, but if pushed I would say Carl Hester & Mary King.

Tell us what you get up to when you are not riding
When I am not riding I am busy taking care of my family and yard of horses. Both my children compete and we are all fighting over the dates in the diary!!

Tell us something about yourself that not a lot of people know about
I love jack russells and so far in my lifetime I have had 8 fantastic companions.